Not all that glitters is gold says the adage we all grew up hearing Mom say. This adage is no truer than in this case.

Townhouses are perceived as glorified apartments that are squished together and always cramped, but nothing can be further from the truth.  Today’s townhomes are spacious and designed to feel like a single family home.  These homes are an excellent alternative for those seeking home ownership, but without having to maintain a large property.

A condo is an apartment that you own, but you also pay a monthly homeowners fee, and you can’t call the superintendent when something breaks.  You don’t own the land it sits on or the condo building.  You only own the space within your walls, and although you pay a monthly fee to upkeep the common grounds, you have no control over how they are maintained or landscaped.

With townhouses, you own the building and the land underneath it. You can landscape your property as you like (or as HOA covenants allow).  Townhomes are designed with vertical space instead of horizontal space in mind.  The basic idea is to have a single family home on a small piece of land.

Condos are set up in buildings with multiple floors so you may have neighbors above and below and on both sides.  Depending on your neighbors, this could be noisy, but since the units are owned, there is little you can do.

In a townhouse, you share only one or two walls with other units.  The units are also built with more insulation and thicker walls because they are designed to be separate homes.

A benefit of living in a townhouse affords the unique opportunity to have a community.  Many townhouse communities are built with amenities such as community centers, fitness clubs, swimming pools, walking trails, and even community gardens.

Townhomes are ideal for first-time homeowners because they are less expensive than a single family home.  They are also perfect for older active adults who want to have their independence without the work of a large home and yard.

If you are looking for a community with townhouses, check out The Tapestry in Garner, NC.  For more information on this community call 954-815-2530.