Ranches are among the most popular house styles in the United States. You may be wondering what exactly defines such houses that make them so stylish even with the new contemporary housing. Well, this article will highlight the unique qualities as well as the characteristic of ranch homes. There are various designs of ranch homes, including California, suburban, split-level, raised, and storybook.

Ranch Homes – What’s the Deal?

The Tapestry ranch homesThe California type was meant to blend with the landscape of California. It borrows from the Spanish colonial designs as well as the art and craft movement. They are characterized by their L or U shaped footprint with a unique courtyard in the middle.

The suburban, on the other hand, is smaller and more simplified compared to a California ranch. These are built with concrete slabs together with tract material but still maintain a floor-plan that connects the outdoors with the indoors.

The split-level design looks more like a traditional suburban design featuring the main entrance that leads to the living area, the dining area, and kitchen. The house also has a staircase that leads to various bedrooms and another half staircase that leads to the living area.

More Area, Less Stairs and Less Potential Danger

The raised design is a modification of the split-entry house; in this design, bedrooms can be up or downstairs. The utility spaces are directly below the kitchen, living area, and also bedrooms.
The last design is the storybook, also referred to as Cinderella, they are characterized by exposed rafters, ornamental trim together with window panes shaped like a diamond.

Most exterior features for such households include a various mixture of material, a low-pitch roof-line, overhanging eaves, sliding doors, among other features. The interior, on the other hand, includes separate bedrooms, simple adornments, a full basement, and also an open plan with regards to the kitchen, the living room, and the dining room.
This style of home is especially desirable for older adults who have difficulty with stairs. They are also excellent for families with small children – no fears of kids tumbling down the stairs.

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