For many people, retirement years can be incredibly isolating and lonely period of their lives. Fortunately, there is a way they can combat all the loneliness and isolation. Research consistently shows that owning a pet is beneficial for people in their retirement years. Getting older does not mean giving up on life and pets. Active adult living is a smart way to remain vital while growing older and pets are easily incorporated into that lifestyle. Here are some benefits of owning a pet in retirement years.

Health Benefits

Retirees sometime have to deal with emotional and physical health issues. Owning a pet can improve these problems and lead to active adult living (i.e., walking a dog). When retirees sit and pet their cats and dogs, it is a form of animal therapy. It calms a person and makes them not feel lonely.  It has a positive impact on the adult.


Some retirees become cut off from the world around them. Pets help them stay connected with other pet owners, which leads to active adult living. Their pets promote social interactions because the owner takes them for walks in the park or to the dog park.  Also, pets help retirees gain new interest in volunteering at an animal hospital or shelter.

Companionship and New Friendship

Loneliness is something faced by many seniors because they don’t have their former friends around due to relocation or deaths, and it’s not easy for them to make new friends. A pet can be a great companion when a loved one dies –  pets automatically give affection and entertainment.


We all know the benefits of exercising. However, sometimes it’s hard to keep an exercise routine.  What many people won’t do for themselves, they will do for their pet.  Having a dog that needs to be walked, helps keep a daily routine that sometimes stops once a person stops working.  Even a short walk a couple of times a day will reap benefits for the dog and the retiree.

Relieve Stress

Studies show that people who have pets are less stressed than those without. Pets help soothe anxiety and provide comfort and retirees. By merely cuddling the pet or having them nearby brightens the owner’s mood.

A pet provides comfort and unconditional love as they become part of the retiree’s life and encourages active adult living practices.

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