There are several factors to consider when deciding between a one-story home and a two-story home. These include cleaning, temperature control, safety, and the age of everyone in the house. It is essential to carefully evaluate these factors and then decide whether or not a second story is necessary, or whether a one-story home would better serve your needs.

Cleaning a two-story home takes more time than cleaning a one-story house because of the additional square footage, and the fact that cleaning supplies have to be carried up and down the stairs. Moving all of your cleaning tools up and down stairs on a regular basis might make you consider opting for a one-story home.

Hot air rises and cold air sinks. In the summer, this presents a problem for two-story homes, as it becomes hard, and by extension, costly, to cool the rooms upstairs. The temperature in one-story homes, is much easier and cheaper to regulate, as everything is on a single level plane.

Safety is another crucial factor to consider when deciding between a two-story home and a one-story home. In case of a disaster or threat (e.g., fire, break-in, landslide, etc.) it is much easier to escape from a one-story house. Consider whether the extra square footage is essential, given that the tradeoff is the possible need to exit through a second-story window in the event of danger.

It is essential to consider if the stairs are safe and convenient for every family member. Some older adults with mobility issues might find that they have trouble with stairs. Young children have difficulty transversing the stairs on their own. Installing a baby gate will deter little ones, and an elevator or a lift system will assist those with less mobility. Since these systems can be costly, so consider whether or not the second floor is essential.

There are lots of options on the housing market, so make sure to evaluate any house that interests you carefully. Ask yourself if the features that a home offers are ones you truly need and will use. In the long run, a one-story home will likely serve you better.

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