“Where do I want to spend my retirement years?” This question is one that comes to mind in aging adults. As baby boomers approach their senior years, the issue of living space is more important than ever. So, where do members of the largest and most financially significant generation want to live as they age?

The Allure of 55+ Communities

The Tapestry 55+ CommunityAccording to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), more and more boomers are re-entering the housing market in search of 55+ communities. What is the reason behind this drive in the market? Why are boomers seeking 55+ communities? Well, there are a couple of possible causes, as shown below:

It’s Hardwired in the Brain: A UCLA biobehavioral scientist claims that the human brain is hardwired to seek social connections. People need communities, especially aging adults. As boomers age, the social circle grows thinner in terms of friends and children leaving the “nest.” This reason makes 55+ communities an attractive option for seniors in search of social connection.

Physical and Emotional Support: Age comes with a myriad of physical and mental challenges. With this in mind, the need for care and support is essential for most boomers. 55+ communities allow retirees to continue learning, have a purpose, and to pay closer attention to their well-being. They have access to recreational amenities and the company of like-minded individuals.

The Comfort of Being Around Similar People

The Tapestry 55 Plus LivingIndependence: The idea of a “nursing home” is often unappealing to most boomers. The generation is looking for a better aging experience than that of their parents. Luckily, most 55+ communities nowadays facilitate independent living – but in a supportive environment.

Adventure: “Piece of Mind,” “more resources to travel or tick off items on my bucket list,” living a fuller life” – these are some of the motives that make boomers love 55+ communities. Independent living gives them the much-needed freedom to enjoy their retirement. It allows them to do volunteer activities and lead healthy, active lives.

An ideal aging experience should enable healthy aging by focusing on both the individual needs of a person and the community. It should provide amenities and services that encourage engagement, meaningful relationships, and daily activities. 55+ communities, such as The Tapestry, can help an individual thrive and live their retirement years to the fullest.

The Tapestry neighborhood facilitates a maintenance-free lifestyle, recreational activities, independence, and time to explore your dreams.  For more information call 919-772-4663.