A community garden is a collaborative project. It allows members of the community to work together to create a peaceful, beautiful space and promotes active adult living. Community gardens have so much to offer, and they, therefore, make the perfect addition to any neighborhood.

A community garden is a great way of bringing people together. We now live in a world where too many people don’t even know the names of their neighbors. Working together on a garden provides the perfect opportunity to break the ice and foster relationships that can last a lifetime. The garden might only be a simple project, but it can lay the foundations for something more, whether it’s another club built around a shared hobby, to neighborhood barbecues in the summer months.

Not only does a community garden strengthen the bonds between neighbors, but it also improves the area itself. It will fast become a popular place to relax and unwind, as well as to engage in outdoor activities. What’s more, community gardens are promoted by many police departments as a way of cutting down crime in a neighborhood. Instead of leaving areas as waste ground that can attract vandals, these spaces get transformed into something useful. The use of the area by numerous of people means more eyes on the street and fewer chances for criminals to spot opportunities.

Gardening also has some more personal benefits, too. Research has shown that gardening can bring a big boost to mental health. The act of gardening allows time to let your mind rest, as you focus on this gentle activity. It also encourages active adult living, as you get out and about instead of staying indoors watching TV. The final result, a beautiful place within your community, will naturally brighten your mood, as your mind responds positively to these natural areas. For youngsters, the act of tending the garden also teaches some valuable life lessons about responsibility, teamwork, and the value of community.

As you can see, community gardens are a godsend. They take us back to a time when neighbors would all know each other and take pride in where they live. A green garden area becomes a jewel in the heart of your community, and it’s, therefore, the perfect way of brightening up the neighborhood.

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