For many people, early retirement seems like a pipe dream- after all, you’re accustomed to a certain lifestyle that can seemingly only be supported by your full-time income. Others might think that when they do get around to retiring, they will barely be able to make ends meet on their retirement savings. However, if you’re willing to make a few changes to your lifestyle, and be a bit more savvy with your spending, you can make your money go much further.

Pay off Your Mortgage

As long as you still have your mortgage to pay off, you’re facing a hefty bill each month. However, if you pay it off early, then you’ll be cutting that bill out of your life, giving you more to spend on other things. While you’ll still have to maintain your house and pay taxes on it, these payments will be far less than your mortgage.


The cost of living varies by a huge amount depending on where you live- for instance, everything from groceries to transportation is likely to be much more in a big city than in a smaller town. If you want to see your money go further, then it’s worth looking into moving to areas that have a lower cost-of-living.

Ditch the Second Car

Many couples who work in two different areas have two cars so that they can each make their commute. Once you’ve retired, though, there’s no need for this extra expense- you can easily do without the second car. Gas, insurance, and maintenance costs all add up, so ditching one- or even both- cars will leave you with a lot more money in your pocket.

Vacation During Off-Peak Months

When summer rolls around, travel companies bump up their prices to take advantage of the increased trade. However, either side of this time, retirees can enjoy cheaper flights and accommodations, since you no longer have to schedule your travel around when you can get the time off work or when the kids are out of school.

Senior Discounts

Many businesses offer senior discounts – from reduced price movie or museum tickets to saving money on food all you have to do is ask. Since many discounts aren’t very well publicized, “Do you offer a senior discount?” should be added to your conversation with any business.

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