The Tapestry 55+ communitiesToday’s generation of retirees came of age in an era of radical social, political, and cultural change. They are adapting to the modern trends of technology and associated activities. Their health is sturdy, and they are smart with their financial savings. They stay invested in current affairs and look into golden opportunities that benefit their longevity and security. These are some of the trends adopted by 55+ communities.

A growing number of active adults are turning towards healthy lifestyles. It is appealing to incorporate more organic and naturally made food into their daily diet. Fatty foods are no longer advised for diets, especially when dealing with high cholesterol. Eating more vegetables and fruits in one’s diet has shown to contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Many 55+ communities include a community garden that allows easy access to fresh vegetables and herbs.

Younger people assume retirees sit around relaxing and occasionally play golf. Not true. Many seniors want to keep active, and because longevity has increased, they often find part-time work. It is for both extra money and to be engaged socially. The financial safety net is not there anymore for some people, so some additional income helps ease stress. Life expectancy is between 77-81 years old, but realistically, those who survive past their 50s and 60s, could remain in robust health and live longer. Living in a community which offers a variety of activities allows active adults to keep engaged socially without breaking the bank.

Retirees who are divorced or widowed often want to go out and date others. A lot of 55+ communities are supportive in hosting social activities that offer opportunities for single men and women to meet. There is no age limit to marriage, and people still desire to fall in love again.

The baby boomers want to be more independent instead of being supported by their children. These communities made up of people of similar ages create an environment of natural socialization and a sense of community. They offer maintenance-free yards and common areas. The home units are designed for older adults to allow aging in place.

55+ communities are the right choice for many older adults. Check out the amenities offered at The Tapestry, and age-targeted community in Garner, NC. Call 919-772-4663 for more information.