While preparing for Father’s Day, shopping for a gift for Dad becomes more complicated. Most dads when asked what they want as a gift, say they don’t know or claim that you don’t need to get them a gift. If you wish to surprise your dad on Father’s Day, we have a list of top gifts for active adults. Whether he is a music lover, tech geek or an outdoorsman, this gifts will impress him.

Classy Dress Shoes

No father doesn’t love some chic dress shoes as a gift. If you don’t want to pick out a pair yourself, a gift certificate is an option. Gift cards allow them to choose the shoes they like.


A beautiful watch is always a great gift for an active adult. The choice can be personal because watches come in a vast array of prices and styles. For the sportsman, many watches include lap counters, timers, and they are waterproof for swimmers. For the veteran, there are many watches with service branch logos and symbols on their faces. There are funny watches for the family comedian or even one with their favorite dog. The choices are endless, make it personal.

Backpack Cooler

Active adults participate in a variety of activities. Their schedule can include picnics and backpacking. A backpack cooler is a perfect gift for theses dads. These coolers are leak-proof and can carry up to 28 beverage cans or several wine bottles or water bottles.

Hiking Sandals

Dads who like to walk in the summer would enjoy a pair of sandals that can handle the job. Many companies have sturdy sandals that include toe guards and arch support that are great for taking those long walks without heavy shoes. Active adult dads love them.

Shaving Kit

A personalized shaving kit stands out from the rest of the gifts. The shaving kit will save him time with the morning shave and allow him to take care of his skin. Fill it with some great skin care products to pamper him.

Media Streaming Services

Is Dad a movie lover? A gift of Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu or another media streaming service would be appreciated. Depending on the television Dad owns, a Roku, Fire Stick or other media streaming device may be required. Make the gift even better by installing and setting up the system for him.

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