Mother’s Day is a time to say a special ‘thank you’ to all mothers for their support love and for making children a priority in their life. In recent years not only are mothers are celebrated, but also mother figures in our lives. The need to say thank you to our mothers is universal and Mother’s Days are celebrated all over the world (although the date may be different in other countries). It is a day to pamper mom and present her with some treats.
When picking out a gift for your Mom, whether she is a young Mom or an active retiree, you should consider her personality and interests. What will make her happy? What do you think she has been longing to get for a long time? If you are still stumped, here are some fantastic ideas for Mother’s Day gifts.

Flowers:  Flowers are one of the most commonly handed out gifts on Mother’s Day, and they never lose their effect. Your mother will be happy to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers. For a longer lasting gift, give a flowering potted plant.

Personalized Necklace:  Mothers tend to have an attachment to ornaments such as necklaces, and it will be nice if you can have her initials or a short message engraved on a pendant to make it a one-of-a-kind gift.

Customized Travel Mug: If your mother often makes trips and needs her coffee in the morning, a brand new personalized travel mug would be appreciated. You can write a sweet mother’s day message or have her picture imprinted on the cup.

Mixers:  Does she like to bake? Then a mixer is an excellent idea for a gift. There are new brands of mixers which are lighter and more efficient. Find out the latest models that are easy to use and get her one of those.

Green Tea Whisk Set: If your mother loves green tea, she will appreciate a whisk set. Whisking the green tea powder is part of the preparation process. A beautiful whisk set along with some delicate teacups either Asian or Western style will bring a lovely elegance to her tea drinking.

Fruit Arrangement: In place of chocolates, many are looking for a healthier gift to give. A fruit arrangement might be the perfect answer. Who wouldn’t love to receive a fruit? Fruit arrangements are a cute way to present fruit that is ready to eat – all peeled and cut up for you.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker: There are many portable Bluetooth speakers that have long-lasting batteries and excellent sound production. Your mother will appreciate one of these speakers to listen to her favorite music from her iPod or other electronic Bluetooth devices.

Any of these gifts will be perfect to put a smile on your mothers face while you wish her a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

The Tapestry is an age-targeted community in Garner, NC.  We would like to wish all the mothers in our community a Happy Mother’s Day.