Modern technology has revolutionized the world. Nowadays, mastering smart devices and the internet are vital components of participating in society. It’s the norm for people of all ages—including seniors. While technology can be immensely valuable, adapting to its rapid evolution is a massive challenge for active adults.

How Can Seniors Benefit From Embracing Technology?

The Tapestry technologyThe benefits of technology for seniors are far-reaching. When used correctly, technology can enhance a senior’s quality of life and make daily tasks easier.

Combat Loneliness: Social isolation among seniors has been associated with cardiovascular disease, depression, and other physical and mental health problems. Technology can help reduce these risks thanks to seamless communication through texting and interactions on social media platforms.

Keeping up with Current Events: Internet-connected devices offer instant access to news outlets. They are an excellent resource for life hacks, tips, and similar guidelines that may make retirement life easier.

Monitoring Health: Some smart devices and wearable technology help monitor vital body statistics—providing real-time feedback that could be life-saving for seniors with delicate health problems.

Navigation: Retirement is the perfect time to go for vacations, visit loved ones, and pursue your passions. GPS-enabled devices complement the adventurous spirit of active adults who are always on the go.

Entertainment: From surfing the internet to playing games – smartphones, tablets, and computers are a portal to the latest entertainment.

The Issue with Adapting to Technology

The Tapestry retirementAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Pew Research Center, more and more seniors embrace technology. Screen time has increased, and approximately 73% of people 65 and older use the internet. But the critical question is – how is this age group using the technology?

The problem is not owning or embracing technology—it’s using it. Studies show that the main obstacle hindering older adults from pursuing the use of technology is frustration. Most people 55 and older did not grow up or work in environments with easy access to digital devices. For this reason, unfamiliarity with technology is a significant barrier.

Technology moves FAST, and it’s hard for even young people to keep up—let alone seniors! As much as technology offers a ton of perks for people in the retirement age, adopting it is easier said than done. With each digital innovation comes a new set of challenges that make it hard to adapt.

Digital inclusion is the best way to help seniors make the most of technology. This age group needs some level assistance with smartphones and other rapidly evolving technologies. Basic knowledge about terminologies and how current technologies interact with each other is a good starting point.

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