It has been more than seven months since COVID-19 has turned everyone’s lives upside down. This disruption is incredibly hard for seniors 55+ living alone. If you are part of this age bracket, then here are some ways you can make this lockdown easier on yourself.

Lockdown Activities

Engage In Movement

Due to the lockdown, we are all bound to our homes. However, this doesn’t mean that you give up and do nothing. Instead, take the time to do some physical activities around the house.
This activity can be anything from walking, doing some exercise, or dancing to your favorite music. The idea is to give your body some form of movement. Apart from that, you should stay hydrated, eat well, and get quality sleep.

Utilize The Wonders Of Technology

Technology is a blessing during the lockdown. It has helped people all over the world stay connected and stay sane during this time. Instead of scrolling aimlessly on different sites, utilize this time to connect with your family and friends. 55+ living is not easy as many people you know drift further away with time. Take this time to talk to your family and close friends. It will help you stay calm, at peace, and will keep your mental health in check.

Find Peace In Nature

Research has shown that nature has a calming and healing effect on our bodies and our mind. Crowded popular parks are not safe right now. Instead, spend some time in your garden, terrace, or yard. You can spend time with your plants and take care of them. If you don’t have any, then now is a good time to keep some plants around the house. The activity of gardening itself is exceptionally peaceful and soothing. After all, we all need a break during this time.

Stimulate Your Mind

We all need intellectual stimulation from time to time. Lockdown has many of us feeling bored. However, you can use this time to read the books you didn’t have the time to before or take an online course on one of your interests. Start a new hobby. Challenge yourself and keep intellectually stimulated during the lockdown.

The Tapestry

55+ living has become even more difficult after lockdown. However, in these ways, you can stay connected and sane. Incorporate these in your life and see how much better you feel. If you need a safe community to live out your golden years, check out The Tapestry, an age-targeted community in Garner, NC. Call 919-772-4663 for more information.