Retirement is a significant change in one’s life and should be taken seriously. Handling those changes can determine how happy one is in retirement. As one gets older, the ability to feel grateful increases; gratitude and other positive feelings come quickly. This phenomenon explains why most older people feel happier than their younger counterparts.

Feeling Happy Improves Overall Health

High levels of gratitude results in less anxiety, depression, anger, and more optimism and social connectedness. When a senior is happier in retirement, they often have better sleep patterns and lower blood pressure. The more content a person is, the healthier they are.

How Do You Increase Gratitude?

The Tapestry retirementFirst of all, give thanks. Feel thankful for the people and happenings in your life. Just recognizing the good in your life is healthy. What makes you feel grateful? Think about it as many times a day as possible. Take a moment and think about someone who makes you feel happy and why you are so glad to have them in your life. It doesn’t only have to be a person, but it can also be something that you do like meditation, prayer, or an activity.

Write a journal. The important thing here is to document your positive thoughts and deeds. Something good happened, and you felt happy. Document it and keep a record. Recording your feelings of gratitude makes them real. Dwelling on these positive thoughts are beneficial.

Being Grateful In Retirement

Retirement is a stage of life we all have to go through, and being happy and healthy during this time is vital. Here are some reasons to be grateful in retirement:

The Tapestry 55 Plus LivingYou are here. This can’t be taken lightly. Not everyone made it to retirement age, but you are here healthy and active. Be grateful for that.

You have options.  You’ll have more options about your retirement lifestyle if you have saved adequately for retirement. Work a little longer, make compromises on the budget, or use home equity to make sure you have a smooth retirement.

Low inflation. Inflation can mess up your retirement plans. Low inflation means commodity prices are stable, and the value of money is good. With this, your retirement savings are safe and adequate.

Being happy in retirement doesn’t take a lot of effort to achieve. Look for things in your life that bring you joy. When you look for the good and don’t dwell on the bad, you will be a happier person. Happy people are not only healthier, but also a pleasure to be around. Enjoy these years – you earned it.

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