The holiday season is almost in full swing – and with it comes a lot of traveling. These trips can be to meet relatives and friends, or simply going on a well-deserved vacation. For the elderly or retired citizens, holidays are a highly anticipated period. It’s a chance to meet loved ones and experience a change of scenery. Simply put, traveling is a highlight in retirement living. With this in mind, it’s prudent to ensure the details of holiday travels are covered to prevent avoidable problems.

When And How To Travel

The Tapestry retirement livingThose in retirement living may not be able to deal with the hassle that comes with on-peak traveling. The lines are long, the flights are expensive, the crowds are large – and all that may not suit an older individual. Making the right choices and travel considerations ensure convenience. Even small things like wheeled luggage go a long way in facilitating a safe holiday.

Check With Your Doctor

Senior citizens should consult a medical professional before heading out for the holidays. Whether perfectly healthy or not, they should consult a physician with details of the destination. If they have any health conditions, it’s paramount that they are cleared for travel and make sure any prescriptions will cover the duration of the trip – plus extra in case of any delays. Immunizations should be up-to-date.  Senior health insurance or applicable insurance that covers medical expenses outside their home country is also important.

Know Your Destination

As pertains to the destination, knowledge of the area of accommodations is essential. Details such as getting a room on the ground floor to avoid the staircase is helpful. It’s also important to know how to get around once at the destination. If there is a need for any special care, making arrangements in advance will make the trip much easier for travelers and their caregivers.  Are handicapped accommodations required? Does the destination accommodate people with mobility issues easily?

Plan For The Weather

The Tapestry retirementChecking the weather is an important tip. It enables those in retirement living to pack appropriately and have contingency plans in case of flight delays or traffic, among other challenges. It also ensures that they leave their houses weatherproofed in case their locales experience bad weather.


When traveling abroad, having all necessary documents is vital. What’s even better is having multiple copies of those documents: one copy in hand, one at local accommodations, and one in the luggage ensuring that the travelers won’t get stuck if they lose one set of documents.

Enjoy the Trip

Above everything else, it is important to enjoy the trip that is planned so meticulously. It’s easy to get swamped by plans and iron out all details even when on holiday. The holidays should be a time to sit back, relax, and have a lovely time.

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