The Tapestry 55+ communityThe family is an important aspect of anyone’s life.  Being near family when travel becomes more difficult due to age is a point to consider when selecting a 55+ community.

Although having friends to socialize with is vital in the senior years, visiting with grandchildren has been shown to be essential for many reasons, including health benefits. Some of these health benefits include:

Physical Activities

While a 55+ community provides exercise equipment and fitness plans for aging adults, they can get plenty of exercise walking around the community with their grandchildren. Being around grandchildren and playing or walking with them helps manage weight, regulates blood pressure, improves the quality of sleep, and reduces incidences of heart disease. Spending 30 minutes to an hour a day with their grandchildren helps them engage in physical activities.

Mental Stimulation

While physical activities are crucial, mental health is equally important for aging adults. Many aging adults at a high risk of early dementia because of isolation.  Living in a community near grandchildren allows them to keep their brain active whenever the grandchildren visit them. Talking, telling stories, answering questions, even teaching them a new skill engages and stimulates the senior’s mind.

Social Interaction

There are many health benefits of human contact, especially for aging adults. Although 55+ communities offer social interaction activities among the elderly prone to isolation, contact with a family member has more positive effects on them than what is provided by the community. People who are lonely have more heart problems, high blood pressure, insomnia and can do much worse.

Healthy Dining

Cooking and eating alone can be frustrating, let alone planning and preparing a healthy meal. The time it takes to shop and cook meals is a task many seniors would rather not do.  When grandchildren are around seniors often feel the obligation to feed them proper healthy meals and don’t mind cooking for them.  Grandchildren can also help with the shopping and preparation of the food.   The grandparent might even get to pass on a few cooking tips or a secret family recipe during these times.

Healthier and Happier

Although not everyone has access to a 55+ community near grandchildren, there are many health benefits of living near grandchildren. Chief among them is mental and social benefits. A 55+ community near grandchildren is the best of all worlds.

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