When older people decided to consider retirement in previous generations, they solely depended on the pensions and the savings.  The financial market took a major hit in recent years, causing a decline in company pensions and savings are sometimes just not enough to live a good life when it’s time to hang up the work boots.

Most seniors, due to the economic downfall found it hard to live with less income than anticipated in their retirement. That’s where the Gig economy has helped with getting some extra cash.

What is Gig Economy?

With the ever developing technology, various apps and websites offer a chance to make money.  By picking up freelance gigs, seniors have found a new way to keep themselves busy while earning some extra money. Using their cars, leveraging a hobby or even teaching from experience, seniors have discovered a new way to stay active.

Here are some of the ways most commonly considered by older adults

Rent extra space.  Got extra rooms in the house, but not ready to downsize? Some people have started to earn cash by renting out their extra space online on websites like Airbnb. It’s currently working in more than 190 countries.

Share expertise and life experiences.  Some senior citizens are making money by writing blogs. Sharing knowledge on a subject they love is a great way to spend time and earn some money.

Driving.  Love to drive, but no place to go?  Apps like Uber has made it very easy for anyone with a car to become a driver. After a complete background check and meeting the requirements of the criteria of selection, it is not very hard to be a driver. Uber allows seniors to drive as well after they have passed the test.

Turn treasures into cash.  Selling products on the internet is easy. Whether it’s a custom-made product or original art, these skills are always valued by people and can help the seniors earn some extra money and downsize at the same time.

Teaching. Freelance teaching is another way to earn money among the seniors. With all their life experience and skills, they can choose to teach environmental stewardship, money management, yoga, art, computers – the list is endless.  Take any favorite subject or hobby and teach it to others.

It goes without saying that the seniors have taken the internet by storm and found a new way to remain active and earn some extra cash with the help of gig economy.

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