Moving from a large house that is full of your stuff to a smaller place is tricky. It is easier said than done and most people find themselves in a stalemate wondering what to do to make the necessary stuff fit in the smaller house. Moving is not a joke, and now that you have to relocate to a place where space is limited, you have to be strategic in your movements. Most people say ‘just get rid of the less important stuff’ and that sounds easy until you get to that step of getting rid of some things. Whatever your reason for downsizing is, there are ways you can make it easier.

Take inventory

Make sure you know what is inside your house and prioritize the things you have from the most important to the least important. Think of what you can survive without and what you must have to survive. Ask yourself if all those things you have were lost today, what would you first replace? Make three lists from your inventory, must haves, things you can replace and things you can live without. You can replace a big TV with a smaller one. The same goes for the couch, but there are those things you can’t do without and these are the most important.

Sell things you can do without

There are those things you will need to part with and now is the time to do that. Sell them for cash by hosting a yard sale with your neighbors and friends. Get rid of all those heavy appliances and furniture that won’t fit. The cash you get will help you but size appropriate items for the new space.

Consider getting a storage space

Paying for storage should come as a last resort. Remember you will be paying a person rent to just house some of your stuff so be very careful and avoid it if you can. This option is for stuff you are not using, but you feel it might be important to you. Do your math and figure out how much it will cost you every year and compare it with the value of the items you are storing in that storage space.

Downsizing is no joke, but it can be done. If you are moving in with someone, try not to duplicate items and be ruthless with cutting out some of your stuff. Compare your lists and together cut out what you don’t need starting with the duplicate items.

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