As an active senior, active adult retirement communities offer you a serene living environment in your golden years. In an active adult community, you enjoy a low maintenance lifestyle in a vacation-like atmosphere. Here are some benefits offered at active adult communities.

Active Adult Communities Amenities

The Tapestry active adult communityLow Maintenance Living. Active adult retirement communities can offer both interior and exterior property maintenance plus cleaning services included in your fees. Here, you don’t have to deal with daily maintenance and repair issues as compared to a traditional homeowner. Always ask what your monthly fee includes.

Easily Accessible Facilities. Houses and apartments in these active adult retirement communities are specifically designed for retirees. The design guarantees that accessibility is never a challenge. There are no steps or narrow doorways that make it challenging to navigate when using a wheelchair or walker. You are always sure the house will remain comfortable and accessible if your physical condition changes with time.

On-Site Support Services. Many active adult communities are designed with a variety of services available on-site or nearby. These include therapy, beauty salons, meal preparation, laundry, and dry cleaning services, medical administration, and more. Some communities have dining halls or community centers to enable the residents to socialize so residents don’t have to eat inside their homes every day.

You Know What You’re Going to Get

The Tapestry 55+ communityFixed Living Expenses. The active adult community lifestyle doesn’t have surprises when it comes to monthly payments. For those renting, the rent is an all-inclusive rate covering everything from services and maintenance fees, and utilities. If you purchased a home here, there might be a package that includes the utilities, maintenance, and services. Always ask what services are included in the monthly rental fee.

Like-Minded Adult Neighbors. Choosing an adult retirement community allows you to enjoy an environment surrounded by mature active adults just like you. You don’t live in a noisy, busy, and child-friendly neighborhood where enjoying a bit of peace isn’t always an option. In the active adult community, you are surrounded by seniors like you with similar interests and life experiences.

Wonderful Vacation Like Atmosphere. Active adult retirement communities are designed to feel more like resorts. You only relax while someone else ensures the grounds are taken care of, your needs are met, and there are plenty of activities. These homes are designed to make you feel like you are on vacation daily. Look for a community that has the amenities (swimming pool, fitness center, golf course, etc.) that are on your “must have” list

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