Moving to an active adult community has its possibilities. Whether your goals include becoming more social, physically fit, or having diverse experiences, life in an active adult community is designed to help you stay healthy and maintain an active lifestyle. Take a look at some of the activities available in these communities.

Fitness Classes

Active adult communities have well-equipped exercise rooms and fitness centers that often host a range of fitness activities from Zumba classes, Pilates, Yoga, water aerobics and low-impact aerobics among other things. Fitness classes and exercise rooms help people living in these communities stay healthy.


Age-restricted communities often offer lower-impact sporting activities that help people living there stay as healthy and as fit as possible. Sporting activities like basketball, tennis, table tennis and softball, bocce ball, pickleball as well as bowling and croquet are often available.

Arts and Hobbies

Many active adult communities have designated art studios. The communities make sure that creating exciting new objects is an integral part of adults living there. They also make sure people with hobbies that require constant tinkering, dedication and a place to work on their hobbies are all made available for them.


Traveling is the top activity available in active adult communities. Encouraging retirees to be more outgoing through travel is an excellent way to stimulate their minds and bodies. Travel groups arrange activities from foreign vacations, local outings and even cruising. Going as a group allows seniors the security and assistance needed to safely travel while giving singles the companionship not found in traveling alone.

Special Interest Groups and Social Clubs

These communities bring like-minded people together and offer them a variety of groups and clubs geared toward individual interests and socializing. Social groups and special interest groups give residents a chance to meet regularly, discuss topics that interest them, socialize and plan events that will benefit them.

Live Entertainment

Art venues at active adult communities allow residents of these communities host plays, concerts, lecture series and other performances that are not only fun but helps them stay fit and healthy. The art venues might include an indoor theater, a professional sound system or other equipment that help residents enjoy performances.

Cards and Games

Almost all active adult communities have card room and rooms used for other games like Scrabble, bunko, dominoes or chess. A game like bingo is perfect for residents of these communities, especially when there is a large group included. Other activities like trivia nights or group video games are also great to exercise the mind and body.

When selecting an active adult community, keep in mind the activities in which you like to participate and search out the communities that offer those services.

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