Vibrant color bursts mark the beginning of the fall. The fall is a time when thoughts turn to activities like football games, apple picking and preparing for the holiday season. The green leaves outside turn maple red and golden. All these marks the change in home décor. If you live in an active adult community, these are some ideas to use to decorate your home. Here are a few simple decorating ideas that will bring those fall colors to your home.

Mix Neutrals and Bright Colors -Mixing colors and neutrals is the best option. With a color palette of browns, beiges, tans or grays use some bright yellows, reds or oranges to create that autumn feeling. Add these bright colors with throw pillows, vases, candles or any variety of items that suit your home décor.

Arrange Fall Flowers – Fall flowers are perfect for anyone in the active adult community to add color to a room. Think of using a container other than a standard vase. Try a vintage trophy, a pottery bowl, or handwoven basket for a stunning display. Add some foraged branches or dried grasses from the yard to make the flower arrangement unique.

Use Gourds – Place some gourds of different shapes, sizes, and colors to make a simple centerpiece. At this time of year, gourds are inexpensive and easily found at nurseries, garden stores, and sometimes grocery stores.

Create a Foraged Display – Add a fall flair to the dining table by adding foraged leaves, branches, dried grasses and styling them in a vase.

Transform the Bedroom – Create a cozy atmosphere by adding pillows, throw blankets, candles or soft lighting. These things add a comfortable feeling to the bedroom.

Hang Window Wreaths – Dress your door and windows with a festive wreath. Use apples, autumnal flowers, corn cobs, or pine cones to breathe seasonal life into your space.

Repurpose Objects – What do you have that can add some autumn flavor to your home? An antique pitcher can hold faux wheat. Handwoven baskets can be filled with miniature pumpkins. Take a look through your closets, attic or garage and try to view what you find with a different eye.

Porch Rocking Chair – Add a bucket full of gourds or a pumpkin, a plaid blanket or fall colored cushion to a rocking chair on the porch to add that touch of fall to your front entrance.

Picture Frames – Fill a rustic woodland frame with fall-themed quotes or family photos to spice up your space.

Deck Out the Front Door – Whether you decorate your front door with a wreath or a plaque, use some of the colors and foraged elements mentioned in earlier ideas: Tree branches, twigs, pine cones, wood shavings, flowers, leaves, gourds, berries, nuts, etc. Only your creativity is the limit.

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