For many people, retirement is a chance to make a fresh start of things- to move somewhere they had always dreamed of but had other commitments get in the way. North Carolina has plenty to offer retirees, and here are just five reasons why retirement living in the Tar Heel State is picture-perfect.

Lower Taxes

North Carolina has never taxed Social Security income and boasts a very generous flat-rate tax that leaves you with more money in your pocket at the end of the day. Retirement living doesn’t have to mean struggling to make ends meet- come to North Carolina, and you’ll see just how far your income can go.

Fantastic Climate

The main reason that many retirees move to Florida is for the weather- year-round sunshine sounds like a tempting prospect. However, that constant Florida heat can be tiring, and older bodies are less able to cope with it. On the other hand, North Carolina enjoys temperate summers offset by mild winters, making for a welcome change from the heat- as well letting you watch the seasons change.

Affordable Housing

For a state with such a strong economy, North Carolina has surprisingly low property prices. For the same price as a one-bedroom apartment in the major cities like L.A. or New York, you can buy a whole house here, and the median property price is $32,000 lower than the national figure of $178,700. In short, your money will go much further here- so you can spend your golden years in a comfortable house.

Sense of Community

There’s a reason why people refer to “Southern hospitality”- in North Carolina, people look out for each other, and know everyone in their town. Unlike states like California, where older people tend to be ushered into retirement communities and kept away from the general public, you’ll find that North Carolinians welcome retirees into the heart of things. Although you might be new in town, you’ll feel welcomed even in the bigger cities, and soon make plenty of friends- retirement living could be a whole new start for you.

Plenty to Do

From the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains to the deep blue Atlantic Ocean, North Carolina has an extremely varied landscape- which means plenty of different activities to try. Whether it’s a hike through the hills, or a round of golf at Pinehurst No.2, one of America’s premier golf courses, you’ll never tire of things to do.

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